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Our flight school, certified by Aero Club of Italy at n. 194, uses one of Salento, only new and latest generation aircrafts: the ultralights Sparviero, Pioneer 200 and Pioneer 300 Hawk, as well as very beautiful and string, are easy to manage.

In addition, E.N.A.C. - Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile has recognized the school as Training Organization and is therefore entitled to make SAPR (drones) courses.


To begin to learn the correct sequence of operations on the flight controls, the check-lists of our planes and, to start planning your flight, the interesting Excel sheet.

Our pilot courses are designed to transmit aeronautical culture and to teach to fly in complete safety and not simply to "buy" a license. Indeed, in our school is consistent practice that the instructor accompanies the student throughout the training process, to put her/him in a "Solo" Pilot fly. "We cannot understand" flight schools, however, does not allow flights to be "solo" and forces the student to fly always with instructor...

We believe that the flight should be a fun and not a source of concern, so we have extended insurance coverage on any risk relating to the school and the use of our aircrafts.
Are insured then the school activity, instructors, examiner instructor, students and with the formula "Kasco" all aircrafts. Finally, are insured the ex-students, now patented and passengers to permit them the use of our planes.


When School and Flight Instructor are "abusive"... (read comments)


To be admitted to the course for achieving the Pilot Certificate, the candidate must:
a) be 18 years of age or have completed 16 and have the consent, in the forms of law, those who exercise its power to the homeland;
b) be in possession of a psycho-physics certificate;
c) be in possession of the Italian Police "Nulla Osta".


Those who participate in the "intensive" and have need of food and accommodation, will benefit from the services of too many Hotel Restaurant around us.



Our courses fully funded by and...choose your own rate




- Basic Pilot (also "intensive", if needed)

- Habilitation in transporting passenger
- Advanced ULM Pilot
- Aeronautical Radiotelephony
- Step machine



"Basic Pilot" (also "intensive", if needed)

The course for the achievement of the Pilot Certificate, which develops in about two to three months, consists of a theoretical and a practical part in-flight with an instructor.
The theoretical program, consisting of 33 hours of lessons, covers the following topics: aerotechnics, meteorology, engines, flight training, materials and safety of the flight instruments and navigation, aviation law, aviation medicine and first aid.
The practical part, consisting of 24 missions flight lasting about 40 minutes each, for a total of 16 hours, as the following program: preparation of the aircraft and pre-flight safety, take-off, climb, level flight, stall, turns, descent, landing, accentuated maneuvers, simulated emergencies, commentary of the flight.
When the student is deemed ready, at the instructor discretion, he will allow the "solo" flight.
The achievement of the Pilot Certificate with a care of Aero Club of Italy, empowering the student pilot to solo ultralight aircraft. Later, after acquiring the necessary experience, will be allowed to make the Habilitation in transporting passenger.

Those who wish, may apply for enrollment in an "intensive" course, which would be organized "on a personal basis" with an additional cost. For the "intensive" require the availability and competence, not less than 15 days, to fly both morning and afternoon.



"Habilitation in transporting passenger"

The natural completion of the Pilot Certificate is the Habilitation in transporting the passenger.
The course consists of 5 missions to fly about 40 minutes each, for a total of 3 hours and develops the following topics: completion of the subsequent ground and flight maneuvers, inside check, passenger management, assets recovered from the unusual, resolution of any emergency.



"Advanced ULM Pilot"

The course aims to make students able to plan and execute the transfer flights, in total security and autonomy and to operate within controlled airspace and civil airports.
This course, reserved for pilots having Habilitation in transporting passenger for more than a year with valid medical certificate, shall consist of at least 8 hours of theoretical lessons, which will deal with issues of planning on the fly, air navigation, Air Rules and a practical program of 5 hours in-flight missions with landing on airports.
The planes used will be the Sparviero and Pioneer 300 Hawk, Advanced certificated, equipped with the necessary equipment to make the flights in complete safety (radio, transponder, ELT, 2Axes on autopilot interfaced with GPS AvMap-IV, etc.).

Our school, then, after examining the student, will release the relative certification.



"Aeronautical Radiotelephony"

The course, aimed at preparing for the achievement of Radiotelephony Certificate, provides, in addition to the terminology and phraseology used in aviation, the deepening of the Air Rules in the airspaces and airport traffic circuits.
The course in Italian consists of at least 14 hours of theory and 7 hours of pratical, whereas in English, aimed at achieving the "Level 4", provides for additional 5 hours of theory.

At the end of training, the candidate will support the exams at our school.



"Step machine"

The "Step machine" on the Pioneer 200, Sparviero and on more performanced Pioneer 300 Hawk is, of course, reserved for pilots coming from other associations or flying schools, where they have flown planes with different and less prestant, maybe high wing and slow.
It is nothing, then, that teaching the proper use of the new airplane, with special reference to its performance, speed and instrumentation on board.



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