Our association provides, for its Members, the use of General Aviation planes and ultralights to fly over our territory such as for the transfers in Italy and abroad.
This opportunity, after registration in the association and "step machine" on Cessna 172 SkyHawk II and ultralights Sparviero 100, Pioneer 200 and Pioneer 300 Hawk, new retractable gear airplane and super equipped, is also for those who come from other associations or flight schools.

Rent an Advanced Ultralight or a General Aviation plane (reserved to Pilots)


Our Planes


The Cessna 172 SkyHawk II, General Aviation aircraft 4 seats, metal frame wich a tricycle landing gear and high performance, is an elegant captivating lines plane.

The spacious cabin, soundproofing and the high-wing, then, mean that the fly is extremely comfortable for long trips.




The Sparviero 100, with rocket parachute, three-axis two-seater (seats side by side) with low wing, tricycle landing gear, high-performance, is an aircraft with soft lines and streamers.

The aircraft, of shell structure in glass and carbon fibes in an epoxy matrix, perfectly polished and cleaned in the forms, due the large wing surfaces, it's very efficient and, therefore, with a very high ability to glide.

The soundproofing interior with comfortable seats allow easy control also for long distances.



The Pioneer 200, equipped with a rocket parachute, 3-Axes tandem (side by side seats), low wing, tricycle with an excellent performance, is a superb airplane lines appealing.
The airplane, perfectly smooth and clean forms, from massive wing is very efficient and, therefore, with a high capacity to glide.
The spacious cabin, the acoustic, the ergonomic seats and high, then, that the deck layout is extremely comfortable.




The Pioneer 300 Hawk, long range aircraft super equipped with retractable gear and a constant speed variable pitch propeller, rocket parachute, EFIS, 2-Axes on autopilot interfaced with GPS AvMap IV, fuel computer, ELT, Transponder C, collision avoidance system TCAS, is fitted with internal luxury and quality. The coating is completely rigid wing and retractable gear is equipped with gas-oil shocks that allow for ease of landing and taxiing surprising. The instrument panel, which is made of composite materials, has a three-dimensional shape that enhances the visual instrumentation and goes with the drawing of the new interior.

Amazing performance!

So ... to try! Contact our school and book a flight test





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