"Once you know the flight, will walk the Earth looking at the sky, because there you were and there want to return" (Leonardo da Vinci)






Our ultralight flight school is Certified by Aero Club of Italy at nr. 194 to perform flight instruction, even for "Advanced Ulm Pilot", with the latest generation aircrafts. The base of operations is at the airfield "Corte", 3 km far from Maglie (Lecce), with an about 1,000 meters runway







Gift a flight over Salento: unforgettable experience !!!

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Paolo & Vincenzo, corona style...!




Grazia & Vincenzo !



Michele in training aboard the Pioneer 300, beyond the clouds !!!



Beautiful planes landed here



We begin the theoretical and pratical courses for piloting drones, in collaboration with the ENAC Training Centre "TuttoDrone"



Italian and English radiotelephony exams: all passed !



Carmine Corvo, just landed after one of its solo flight !



We had the pleasure of welcoming in the airfield, for a whole week, the boys of the Association "Il Sole" of Taurisano-Italy



We are happy to launch this new initiative that will make you love flying !



Cross country race organized by ASD Podistica Maglie and sponsored by the City of Melpignano and the FIDAL Puglia at our airfield!


ed ecco il "solista" di Raffaella ed il suo primo passeggero!


Gabriele GNAI flies his first "solo" !



Welcome to the beautiful Piper Malibu with its 350 HP Turbo



Here Diego Provinzano on his first solo flight, after "pushed away" the Instructor...



On 6 of April, all our students passed their exams and become Pilots !




During "Athens Flying Week" Airshow, along the beautiful track Corte-Kerkyra-Messologi-Korinthos Canal, our pilots landed at Athens Airport: unforgettable experience!



Other students started their course on board of our planes

Andrea PERRONE, Vincenzo MICOCCI, Leonardo FILOTICO, Giacomo PRIMICERI, Angelo DECIMO, Maria Luce MUSCA, Damien RAMSEY, Cosimo SCIALPI, Barbara DE SIMONE, Andrea GHIURGHI, Francesco CASCIARO, Marcello RUBERTI, Claudio BOTTAZZO, Monica ANGELINI, Andrea DE FILIPPI, Alessandro RUGGIERI, Francesco BANDARIN, Marco VANESIO, Marco CARLUCCIO

are the latest new our students that have been added to their other, already pilots, colleagues:


Raffaele Jr. MAZZEO, Grazia SIMONE, Emanule MORCIANO, Davide D'APRILE, Vincenzo PERRONE, Anna VITALI, Paolo GRECO, Fabio LEOPIZZI, Michele MAZZOTTA, Toni PAOLI, Gianni STEFANO, Gianni BOGONI, Umberto CALABRO', Marco PERFETTO, Gabriele GNAI, Federico CIRCHETTA, Carmine CORVO, Stefano STRAFELLA, Federico SICURO, Salvatore FRACASSO, Raffaele SOLIMENO, Armando ROTONDO, Siria COSTANTINI, Costantino PARMA, Raffaella DELLA GATTA, Fiorino MARELLO, Mario PROFILO, Francesco ALEMANNO, Diego PROVINZANO, Salvatore GIANNETTA, Daniele SANTORO, Sergio CORVAGLIA, Alessandro RIZZELLO, Christian SCORRANO, Salvatore PORTALURI, Consiglio MANCARELLA, Andrea BAVIA, Federico GRAVANTE, Loredana TANZARELLA, Mauro LOBASCIO, Eugenio PADALINO, Angela TEDESCO, Donato SARCINELLA, Dino VILEI



The fleet is enriched with the new Sparviero, also Advanced as the Pioneer 300 Hawk. Beautiful long range aircrafts, super equipped with retractable gear, constant speed variable pitch propeller, rocket parachute, EFIS (Electronic Flight Instruments System), Autopilot on 2-Axes and XRX PCAS both coupled to AvMap IV GPS, Fuel computer, ELT, Transponder, electronics Flap and Trim



Raffaele Solimeno takes off for its first "Solo" flight and lands perfectly, as well as Gianni Maglie landing at Brindisi airport to be examined for Advanced Ultralight Pilot


The Safeguarding Manager of Air Salento A.S.D. is Dr. Donato Grilletti, to whom we wish good work.


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