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6/4/13 - Exams

Antonio Manco, Fiorino Marello, Costantino Parma, Armando Rotondo and Raffaele Solimeno are our students who, having passed the exams with Capt. Antonio Di Chio, become PILOTI !!!




20-27/3/13 - Antonov-2 landed at Corte

Gary Purdom and Peter Faitshe, "Emergency Medical Search & Rescue" flying to Sudan, landed here by the Antonov-2: REALLY HUGE !!!



23/12/12 - Falco landed at Corte

Andrea Tremolada, Chairman of Aero Club Milano, landed by his wonderful Falco. Air Salento and AeC Milano together organize courses for Private Pilot License

lo splendido Falco



29/9/12 - All of us flying to Athens

To be present at the "Athens Flying Week" Airshow: from Corte airfield to Kerkyra, takeoff and landing to Messologi, overflying Korinthos Canal and landing to Tattoi military airport (Athens)



9 & 10/6/12 - Great success of the "NISSAN AIR EXTREME" AirShow


Our baloon into the Roman Amphitheater in Lecce and Gallipoli


17/12/11 - Exams at Corte

As well as in december, completed by the examiner Col. Venanzio Rapolla the other exams too: PASSED.

Then, Salvatore Fracasso, Gianni Stefàno, Alfredo Mugo, Mario Profilo, Salvatore Giannetta, Alessandro Rizzello, Dino Vilei, Giuseppe Taurisano and Raffaele Dirella are pilots



Summer 2011 - our Friends landed at "Corte"


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